How to Contour Face with Makeup: Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Belinda Moss

How to Contour Face with Makeup: Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Belinda Moss

Facial contouring – the special technique that uses cosmetics to enhance, diminish or define facial features – is popular and it’s easier than ever to do it with these tips from our celebrity makeup artist, Belinda Moss:

Clean Canvas: Using shading techniques on the face works best when the “canvas” is bare. Prep skin by removing unwanted facial hair with the new Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit. Formulated with a soft-scent technology, the new three-step system includes a skin-guarding balm (for pre- and post-use), as well as soothe and cleanse wipes. In just eight minutes, skin is left hair-free, feeling silky smooth and ready for makeup application.

Perfect Palette: To create a natural contour look without being streaky, use a powder that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone.  A powder brush is great for feathery application…

Now it’s time we explain how to contour the face with makeup:

  • Cheeks: To angle your cheeks just right for application, make fish lips and apply the powder just at the hollow of your cheek bone (the groove right under the apples of your cheeks).
  • Jaw Line: Take a brush and run it right along the jaw line. If you have a double chin (no shame here!), apply the powder to that entire area along with the jawline.
  • Forehead: Run the brush along the hair line and up into the scalp to make a larger forehead appear a bit smaller.
  • Nose: Take a smaller eye shadow brush and brush the powder along the sides of the nose. Then, apply a white powder with some shimmer in a straight line right down the bridge of the nose.

For more great tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit our Beauty Book. To find the Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit online or in stores near you, visit our Where to Buy page.