Using Hair Bleach on Tattoos: Will it Damage My Tattoos?

Using Hair Bleach on Tattoos: Will it Damage My Tattoos?

If you have a tattoo, new or old, in a place where you may use hair bleach, you’re probably concerned about whether the bleaching cream is safe to use over your tattoo.

As a trusted brand in the facial and body hair bleaching space, we’d like to provide you with information on when it’s OK to use hair bleach on tattoos.

Can I Use Bleach on a Tattoo During the Healing Process?

After getting a new tattoo, it can take the skin several weeks to completely heal from any damage caused by the tattooing process. During this process, it’s critical to take extra care of the tattooed area in order to help prevent infection and protect the tattoo’s appearance.

Hair bleaching cream, which contains hydrogen peroxide, should not be used during this period.

Can I Use Bleach on Tattoos That Have Completely Healed?

Once your tattoo has healed, you’ll want to do as much as you can to keep it looking bright and fresh. Will using hair bleach damage your tattoo?

According to “Go Ask Alice“, (Columbia University’s Health Education Program’s online Q&A resource):

“The human skin is made up of two principal parts: the epidermis and the dermis. The outer, thinner epidermis consists of four or five cell layers. The inner dermis is made up of two portions…Tattoos are made by inserting ink into the deepest layers, which shed cells at a slower rate than layers closer to the surface. That is why tattoos can last a lifetime.”

So, tattoos are pretty well protected within the deeper layers of skin, and you can comfortably apply hair bleach on tattooed skin. We even called a couple of tattoo shops to confirm it’s OK to use hair bleach once tattoos are completely healed.

We’d suggest taking a few precautions for additional care:

  • Be sure to only use bleach created for hair on your face or body. We’d also recommend using a mild formula. (See our Sensitive Skin Creme Bleach for details)
  • Use a minimal amount of bleach
  • Minimize the time the bleach is in contact with your skin
  • Wait to bleach your hair as long as you can in between bleaching sessions
  • Whenever using bleaching products, stop using if you notice any adverse reactions

Follow these tips and you can relax knowing you can take care of your beauty needs and your tattoos!

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